Smart Goats are the new dog and goat stars of 2018

G O A T =

G= Greatest  O= Of   A= All   T= Time  GOAT

If you think dogs are mans best friend and smart, wait until  you meet these two mini goats.  Cheach and Chawng, are only 12 inches tall, four months young (at the time of this writing) and dress in drag, imitate celebrities and President Donald Trump.

To say they are smart is putting it lightly.  They are super smart, know tricks, learn lessons just like a dog, play jokes and tricks on me, cry when I leave, walk prominently on leashes when in public, love the camera, understand voice commands, come when called, and are my genuine sidekicks constantly.


Horses love them, dogs love them, cats and kittens love them.

And Cheach (tan and white) does a great ZooLander stare!

Chawng is Black and White and does Cher and more.

Enjoy our new photos and stay tuned into

WhatsUpGOAT.com and all the coordinating social handles.


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